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DGADGET stocks a great range of flat screen televisions to suit any room in the home, office and even public display areas. And, whatever your TV needs are, we have both high-end and cheap TVs to suit your lifestyle.


There are different kinds of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) televisions though all are LCD TVs with LED backlighting. You can either expect ELED, (Edge LED backlighting), or DLED (direct or dynamic backlighting).

An Edge LED back lit TV is extremely slim in profile, making it a stylish and practical option. It also delivers high picture quality and low power consumption.

The equivalent DLED TV is usually slightly bigger in profile, but delivers outstanding image quality, particularly with contrast and motion - if you plan to use your TV for games and films, then this is for you.


Bush 50' FHD 1080p LED TV

$708.55 $515.31

Technology Product description / spec See all the action on this 50 inch Full HD TV from Bush. With built in Freeview, enjoy the ever expanding choice of Freeview channels. The DTS sound system delivers impressive audio which is great for when you...

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