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The Guide to Gaming Laptops | DGADGET.co.uk

Posted by DGADGET.co.uk on 23rd Jul 2015

If you want the ultimate gaming experience, then there is no doubt that having a gaming Laptop full of the best performance based components is the way to go, why? Simple they give you so much more in terms of capabilities and set up, and as most gaming enthusiasts would say nothing can beat the quality of gameplay you get with a gaming laptop as there specifically tailored to give you the best experience.

If you’re after a laptop that can provide you with the tools for modern gaming, power must be considered a premium. Central to your laptops performance is the GPU, so ensure you get the best graphics card that isMSI - 9S7-16H212-474 within your budget. The vast majority of mid to high end gaming laptops are going to be kitted out with the Nvidia GeForce GTX’s as there purpose built for laptop use and give great output.

The other components involved are less imperative to your gaming rig. The processor for example is not heavily invested enough in your gaming performance to warrant a high priority. Even so, your CPU will almost certainly be developed by Intel and ensuring it houses a quad-core system will give your laptop that extra leg up when running power hungry software.

The other aspect you need to think about is storage, as games are getting bigger to download for example Sega’s new Total War title Attila is a rather large 35GB download. The standard 1TB hard drive you’ll see in the majority of gaming laptops is therefore a necessity. But to run these graphically impressive creations at respectable frame rates, you’ll likely need to pair your HDD with a much faster SSD. To squeeze out the best of both performance and capacity buy as much SSD as your budget will allow.

Another thing to think about is the size of the laptop. There is no massive flexibility in how large gaming laptops come, with most systems coming in-between 15 and 18 inches. Lugging a massive 18 inch laptop around is going to be a pain as well as being heavy. So you need to think about how often you are going to use your laptop on the move. If you’re only using your system and moving it to and from your mates then get the bigger system. If you’re planning on using it on the move have a look at the more compact systems.

For those looking for a portable device for work and fun, having a gaming laptop is perfect for the look and feel. Although there are quite a few things to think about when buying a gaming laptop, it’s a worthwhile purchase.