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Check out one of the best gaming laptops currently out the Origin EON15-X

Posted by Simeon | DGADGET on 27th May 2015

There’s so many great gaming laptops out on the market currently that are so incredibly cutting edge, but what makes this laptop stand out so much is simply it has a desktop grade CPU packed into its chassis. More so the EON15-X proves that due to the advancement in tech how much more performance can now be put into a 15.6inch gaming laptop with a desktop processor.

The Origin EON15-X also has a few other surprises, like it somehow packs a ton of power into a 15.6inch package that’s small, offers great performance and overall well designed. What’s more due to the unbelievable power the machine has its capable of not only playing the very best next gen games, but also editing videos and other processor intensive tasks that a mobile chip can't tackle. In terms of spec the Origin EON15-X has the latest components and is powered by 4GHz Intel Core i7 quad-core processor and is equipped with the best GPU the Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M graphics card.

But what about the design and overall look, well The EON15-X takes the company's reserved styling one step further. The EON15-X is made with an entirely plastic chassis and has a flat and simple rubberized top with a few angular lines and a silver Origin logo printed in the centre, so isn’t over the top and too in your face as some gaming laptops are. Furthermore it has a fully customisable backlit keyboard, indicator lights for hard drive activity, number lock, airplane mode and other settings, and the entire interior of the notebook is covered with a rubber finish that feels soft against your palms during long hours of use.

So If you are on the lookout for a top quality high performance gaming laptop then you should definitely consider this machine, as it definitely fits the bill and not tremendously expensive at £1,698 so check it out.