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​ Best Gaming Laptops Released in 2015 so far! | DGADGET.co.uk

Posted by Simeon Ologeh | DGADGET.co.uk on 10th Apr 2015

2015 has been a great year so far for gaming laptops with the introduction of so many top draw laptops giving you a fast lane to the PC gaming experience, but which ones have really stood out? Let’s find out!

First up is the lean and beasty Aorus X7 Pro voted as the best gaming laptop of 2015 by PC Advisor, which is no surprise to me. The Arous X7 Pro has managed brilliantly to include a hardcore gaming system into a chassis less than an inch thick, proving clearly that you can have a high performance machine that doesn’t look like a briefcase. Furthermore due to its Nvidia dual 970M setup the machine can play the most demanding games with easy and not only that you’re viewing it on a crystal clear 1080P screen. The only drawback is that it’s loud and it does get hot due to the power it possess but that just shows you what an animal this laptop is.

The next gaming laptop that’s stood out from the crowd so far in 2015 specifically due to it having a desktop grade CPU packed into its chassis is the Origin EON15-X. The Origin EON15-X has a few surprises like it somehow packs a ton of power into a 15.6inch package that’s small, offers great performance and overall well designed. What’s more due to the unbelievable power the machine has to it enables you to not only play the best next gen games, but also edit videos and do other processor intensive tasks that a mobile chip can't handle. If you’re on the lookout what I would say is that you View Productshould definitely consider this machine when buying a gaming laptop, as you’ll definitely be getting a lot for your money.

Something that’s a bit different to both the above laptops and really caught the eye was the MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 3K as it was one of the first 3K gaming laptops that really impressed. Furthermore alongside Nvidia MSI have proven that you can have 3k gaming on laptops setups and it won’t cost you a fortune. In fact I would go so far in saying its great value considering at £1400 you’re getting a 1080p 3k display with GTX 860M graphics, and a laptop that offers more hardware than any other premium package. In my opinion and like others have said online at the moment the MSI Ghost Pro is probably one of the best 15inch gaming laptops on the market and definitely hard to beat.

Just a final point, everyone will tell you about the performance gap between laptop and desktop gaming and why you shouldn’t buy a laptop, but that’s defintely all changed now. These new hardcore laptops are filled with the very best graphics technology which has led to the gap drastically reducing, and that trend will likely continue as we see a plethora of new beastly gaming laptops on the market, I for one can’t wait!